Detailed About Us

We are a Limited Company that was established year 2004.

We offer services that cut across all sectors of hospitality industry. We carry out these services with a high sense of integrity, skill and diligence.

We offer to our clients’ high standards of life style base on professional and technical skills. Our intention is to continue the innovation for the benefit of our guests and as an essential element of our own development, leaving our clients with satisfaction.

The hotel is located in Port Harcourt along Abacha Road. The choice of the area is ideal for a hotel of the type envisaged by the proprietors. The serene and highbrows nature of the area clearly identifies the clients’ base of the hotel.

Port Harcourt is a solid place for a hotel. It is the centre of activity of oil exploration in Nigeria. Apart from the fact that the head offices of some of the oil companies operating in the country are in Port Harcourt, all the others have a very prominent visibility in the city, Thus making it one of the cities in Nigeria with a high rate of visitors. Port Harcourt has an International Airport, a seaport and Onne Ocean terminal and Freeport Zone closely.

Additionally, Port Harcourt is one of the State capitals with high budgetary allocations each year. The city is also home to a good number of high profile industries. All these make the city ideal for a first class hotel.

  • To carry on the business of managing, developing and operating       hotels, restaurant, bars, guest houses, cafe, motels, holiday camps, catering services (offshore / on shore) caravan sites and appointment house keepers and to acquire on rent, lease purchase building, and to fit up and furnish any property for the purpose of letting the same to visitors or guests, whether in single  rooms, suites chalets, movable structures, cottages, beds and breakfast inns, rest houses and hostels.
  • To carry on the business of leisure and entertainment, development and managing recreational facilities, resort centres, amusement and tourism development business and provide tourist centres and to let on hire or to permit the use of the whole or part of any of the company’s establishments for private receptions and other ancillary facilities.
  • To carry on the business industrial backing operations, hotel and catering consultants, hoteliers, and to give instruction and training hotel management, business of caterers, refreshment contractors, food and beverages surveyors, general suppliers, organisers and suppliers of entertainment and amusements and to provide all ancillary services customarily provided or which may properly be provided at lodging and hotel/catering establishments, especially but not limited to entertainments, amusements and recreational.
  • To carry on the business of lodging house keepers and to maintain and run amusement arcade, holiday camps, carnivals, raffles and other things incidental thereto.

To acquire, purchase, lease, exchange or deal otherwise with any land, buildings and hereditaments of any tenure or description whosesoever.